Step Into Your Moment

Do you believe Jesus is preparing you for something greater?

Douglas Poole
Dec 2, 2018    41m
In this sermon Pastor Douglas Poole uses scripture to teach you that Jesus is preparing you for something greater. But you have to have the courage to listen to what he is asking you to do, and then to step into the moment and follow him. He interviews Molly Waits from Springs of Hope, Kenya, and she shares her story of following the plan Jesus had for her life. Video recorded at Clearwater, Florida.

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Douglas Poole: 00:02 All right, so anybody besides me ever had the experience where you're invited to go somewhere, you really don't want to go? You're invited to do something, you really don't want to do? And what maybe what's worse, you're invited to be with somebody, you don't want to really be with, right? And like, you don't be rude, you don't want to offend, but neither do you want to go. So you come up with a great excuse, right? And so some great excuse like, well, oh, you just wouldn't believe how much I would really enjoy, and would I want to be a part of that. I would love to, but I've got a conflict on my calendar, so I just can't be a part of it, like maybe next time, huh? You know how that goes, right? Or I'm just not feeling quite right, a little something started in my throat, and everybody around me's been sick, and man did they ever get sick. And so if I'm coming down with this, I don't want to give this to you, so I think that I just better to pass on this. So we offer excuses, right, for things.

Douglas Poole: 00:49 Sometime back I was having a conversation with a longterm old friend, wise, really wise guy. We were discussing a leadership issue that I was dealing with, and it wasn't so much that I didn't know what to do. It was like you know, the timing just didn't seem right on it. And he was asking me why isn't the timing right? And so I started making this long list of really valid, good, well thought through, prayed through, intellectual reasons as to why the timing wasn't right. And so when I got done explaining it all, he said, Douglas, you know I'm your friend, right? Like, oh great. Because I know where every conversation goes, where somebody starts out, Douglas, you know, I'm your friend right? Now you know I'm your friend, you know, I love you, and want the best for you. And then he said, I think you're just offering excuses. It's like I don't like you that well. But anyway, so I think you're just offering excuses. And I said, okay. And he said, Douglas excuses are like noses. I thought well, this is interesting, I have no idea right now where this is going, excuses are like noses. And he says, excuses are like noses. Everybody has one, but nobody likes to watch you pick it. Yeah.

Douglas Poole: 02:04 So we will make excuses for dates we don't want to go on. We'll make excuses for assignments that we don't want to take the responsibility, even though our boss does, we don't want to take responsibility. Or risks that we just don't want to take. And some excuses we make, I have heard some really lame excuses over the years, and I've heard some ones that like a remarkably brilliant. Some kind of take the truth, and bend it. Others are like bold face lies, aren't they? But nobody can give excuses quite like kids, aren't they brilliant? Aren't they amazing? Yeah, my wife's an educator, so she's heard a lot of excuses. And there was one I heard recently that I think is utterly brilliant, and I'm going to use it sometime. But there was a kid who came to class, the teacher is handing out the test, and the kid totally forgot and was totally unprepared. So the kid raised his hand and says, I have to leave. And the teacher says, you have to leave, why do you have to leave? Gotham city needs me. Isn't that just brilliant? I mean you flunked the test kit, but you get an "A" for creativity.

Douglas Poole: 03:17 So now today, I'm going to briefly look at a moment in the life of Jesus, where Jesus is inviting some people to leave their lives of just mundane certainty, and then to walk with him into a bold and beautiful, but uncertain future. And the people begin to immediately offer Jesus excuses as to why Jesus has the wrong timing. You ever notice that about Jesus, and his timing? It's like come on Jesus, your God, you should do better on the timing thing with this. And so these people actually take a pass on a life of meaning and purpose, and they're going to choose certainty. What they think is certainty, over meaning and purpose.

Douglas Poole: 04:00 So welcome to the series we're doing, Three Miles per Hour, and if this is your first time in this series, let me give you a quick paragraph, Introduction, okay? The average walking speed of a human being is three miles an hour, and so what we're doing, we're looking at moments where people walked with Jesus. And we discover when they walked with Jesus, they became a person they never could have become on their own, and then they start doing things they never could have done on their own, their own talent, their own resources and skills. And we are learning from this, because there's a person I want to be that I know I am never going to become my own, maybe you've realized it about yourself. And when we walk with Jesus, we become. And there are things I want to do in this world that I know I'm never going to be able to do on my own, and I want to experience those things. And so we're looking at how does that happen in our lives as we walk with Jesus.

Douglas Poole: 04:55 So today, a little bit of a twist on it, because we're looking at people who took a pass on it. And then I want to wrap this up by a quick interview with somebody who had an absolute lexicon of excuses for not walking with Jesus somewhere, but she was so determined to not miss out on what Jesus had for her, she chose to walk. Alright? Let me read the moment in the life of Jesus, and will read it through, and then we'll go back and we'll unpack it. It's in Luke chapter nine, beginning in verse number fifty-seven. Jesus and his disciples are traveling, and they're going through a town, "As they were walking along the road, a man said to him, I will follow you wherever you go. And Jesus replied, foxes have holes, and the birds of the air have nests, but the son of man has no place to lay his head. Jesus said to another man follow me, but the man replied, Lord first let me go and bury my father. And Jesus said to him, let the dead bury their own dead, but you're going to proclaim the Kingdom of God. Still another said, I will follow you Lord, but first let me go back and say goodbye to my family. And Jesus replied, no one who puts his hand to the plow and looks back is fit for service in the Kingdom of God."

Douglas Poole: 06:19 All right, let's unpack this and go right back now to verse number fifty-seven, the opening verse. Let me reread it, it says, "As they were walking along the road, a man said to him, I will follow you wherever you go." Now I hear this like this is a bold and eager statement of allegiance, isn't it? Jesus, count me in, you will lead all follow wherever, wherever. I mean, and probably the reality is the guy has seen Jesus doing some unbelievably crazy, amazing things. He's giving sight to the blind, hearing to the deaf, the lame are walking, lepers are being cured, he's feeding thousands of people from a first century boys happy meal, unbelievably beautiful things. And he sees it and says, I want in on that. If I'm going to invest my life in something, I want to invest it in that very thing, so sign me up Jesus, here and now. And the response of Jesus almost sounds like he's throwing a wet blanket on this guy's hot enthusiasm, doesn't it?

Douglas Poole: 07:24 Fifty-eight, "Jesus replied, foxes have holes, and the birds of the air have nests, but the son of man has no place to lay his head." What an interesting response. I mean if your goal is to increase the number of followers, Jesus this might not be the best recruiting line, right, there might be another thing you could say. But I think what Jesus is saying is this, you just have to know something here, full disclosure. Those in the animal kingdom are going to have it a little bit better than those in my kingdom, because those in the animal kingdom, at least they've got a home. The birds have got a nest, the bears have got a den, they've got this secure place they can retreat to. If you follow me, and you walk with me, I can't offer you that. I'm not going to be able to offer you the security that your home is giving to you. I think Jesus is saying there are two sides to the coin when it comes to following me. One side is very beautiful and there's all these remarkably wonderful and beautiful and life changing things that'll happen in you and in the world when you walk with me. But there's another side to the coin, there are a lot of challenges that have to be faced, obstacles to be overcome, sacrifices you're going to have to make, risks you're going to have to be taking. But you can't have one without the other, you're not going to have beauty without challenges in this land, so before you sign up full disclosure here, beauty and courage are so intertwined. You can never unravel that reality, they are together, and you're not going to separate that. Beauty always is going to come with its challenges and its difficulties, there's a cost to be paid if you want to be a part of something beautiful.

Douglas Poole: 09:12 And don't we know that, because we all want beauty, but we don't necessarily pay the cost. We like this side, the beauty side of our career, we want a beautiful career that's very successful and we do really well. But then there's another side to that beautiful career, because it comes with a lot of challenges, doesn't it? You're going to have to go and find a way to complete your education, you're going to have to be willing to start at the bottom on this thing, and you're going to have to work really hard on that. We just want the beauty of a very successful career, right? Without all the hard work that goes with it. Or we want the beauty of...we want to be married to it, our spouse to be our soulmate, right? How beautiful is that? But on the other side of this coin, it only comes with a whole lot of challenges. Because you're going to have to deal within yourself, your own personal junk, and the thing that's inside of you that is keeping you from fully giving yourself that you're not even aware of. You're going to have to do a lot of conflict resolution, and a lot of investment in that. We just want the beauty of a wonderful soul mate, but without all the challenges and the difficulties that come with it. And we want the beauty of a beautiful body, right? Want to be a babe, want to be a hunk, right? But we don't want to look at the other side, the challenges that come with that, with diet, with exercise, and the challenges. We just want, human beings, we just sort of want all the results, we want all the rewards, right? But we would like it to happen without all the challenges.

Douglas Poole: 10:35 And so there are many people, Jesus is saying, who want to be a part of the beauty of what God is doing. But there's a cost, you're going to have to overcome your fears, you're going to have to deal with your self doubt and your insecurities to create beauty. There really truly are sacrifices that'll have to be made, and there's battles are going to have to be fought. But we human beings, we just want the results, we just want the rewards. But can we opt out all the hard stuff? The stuff that's going to call for courage, perseverance, faith, sacrifice, and so Jesus says, full disclosure, full disclosure, all this beauty you've seen, all of it awaits you, but it's beauty with a price tag. You see Jesus, your home is your secure place, beauty is out there, so you're not going to be able to have this security you feel in your home, and follow me and create beauty. So the birds will have their nests, the bears are going to have their dens, but I can't offer you that kind of security.

Douglas Poole: 11:47 So on that road that day, it wasn't just Jesus, the disciples, and this man. There's other people around at this moment who were listening in, and so Jesus turns to another guy who was standing right there. He says, you follow me, verse 59. And now this guy had just heard Jesus have the sobering reality talk with the other guy, right? He overheard it. He kind of watched, didn't Jesus sort of called the guy out? Like as he boldly said, everybody, I will follow you anywhere. And Jesus's full-disclosure challenges, and the guy kind of wilts, right? And then kind of steps back in the crowd, and so this man decides, I better pick a better excuse, right? Better excuse than what this guy did. So he picks a very, very noble excuse. Verse number fifty-nine, But the man replied, Lord first can I just go back and bury my father?" I mean surely Jesus has family values, right? Surely Jesus would understand that this is just being responsible, but Jesus doesn't accept the excuse. And Jesus was sort of like my friend with his annoying little nose picking comment.

Douglas Poole: 13:04 In verse sixty, "Jesus said to him, let the dead bury their own dead. But you go and proclaim the Kingdom of God." I mean, doesn't this sound harsh? Is this Jesus? Well just to let you know, most theologians, I agree with them, the real deal that's going on here. It's not that it was like 1:30 and dad's funeral is at 2:00, do you mind if I hit it before we go? Right? His father is alive and well, but he's aging. And what he's saying is, you know, dad's starting to get old. So you know, I kind of promised I'd take care of dad, and I'd be there and be responsible. So let me take care of dad the next few years, and when my dad dies, you know, I'm in. Jesus I'm going to follow you, but just not this day, not today. Someday I'll follow you. And then Jesus turns to another guy, and he makes the offer to him too, you know walk with me. And this guy then offers his excuse, and he really just says, like let me just go get my affairs in order, just go get my affairs in order. I don't want to be irresponsible. And let's gather the family together so they can do a big send off thing for me, and then I'll be right with you.

Douglas Poole: 14:19 Verse sixty-one, "The man said, I'll follow you lord, but first let me go back and just say goodbye to my family. To which Jesus responds in verse sixty-two, "No one who puts his hand to the plow and looks back is fit for service in the Kingdom of God." Okay, again this is not sounding family friendly, and it could sound also remarkably harsh. But I think this is what Jesus is saying to us, that we need to wrap our hearts and our minds around friends, because I think it's very applicable to us. There are these moments that God offers to us, like to you and to me personally. He says this is your moment, this is your opportunity. And it puts like this door of opportunity before us, and we look through that opportunity and say, that would be so beautiful, man, that would be wonderful and it makes such a difference in this world. But then we look around us and we see there's also a lot of like obstacles, and challenges, and difficulties, and risk that have to be taken to step through that door of that opportunity. And what we don't realize friends is that doors don't stay open forever. Do you understand a moment is a moment, a moment does not stay static in time. It's there, then the moment's gone. If you don't step through and take that chance, that opportunity, moments don't always come back, they don't always come back around for you. And so Jesus...and we look, and we can see a number of reasons why we should, we can see a thousand excuses of why we shouldn't, right? It's not the right time, not the right person, not the right place. And so Jesus says to these three men on the road, this is so important, this is your moment, this is your moment in time. Do you understand I'm just passing through this town? That's it. I'm here right now, and I'm on my way out of town. I'm inviting you to walk with me into something, to create something remarkably beautiful, so are you in or you're out. This is your moment, this is your time for you to decide what's your future going to be. Are you going to be defined by excuses, or are you going to live in the extraordinary? Jesus is inviting them to walk with him, and they see the beauty, but they step back from walking with Jesus because of the obstacles, challenges and difficulties in the door of opportunity is closed.

Douglas Poole: 17:18 What opportunity is God putting before you and he is saying, walk with me. It is an opportunity to grow and develop as a person, to be this thing. It is an opportunity to do something that you have longed to do, that brings significance and meaning, he's saying walk with you. You see the beauty and that beauty is so compelling. But guess what also you see, you see the obstacles, the challenges and the difficulties. And you're saying, I just don't have the time, it's just not the right time. When things settled down me, when I get these issues addressed, then I will be in a place to step through that opportunity. Or I'm just too inexperienced, I mean I don't have enough, Jesus I've never done this before, I don't have the opportunity. So when I get more experience Jesus, then we can go. Or I'm too old you say, right? If you'd of come 10 years ago, Jesus, your timing isn't so good, because ten years ago would've been a great time. The money is just not there, so how in the world can I walk to this, when the money becomes available we can do this. I don't have the education. I'm not sure that I have the talent or the personality to do this. The door is open friends, but it's only open for a time. And there was a moment, and this is your moment, and Jesus is inviting you to walk through with them into the future. So he says, walk through, he says, and don't look back. Just walk through, walk with me. If you're walking with Jesus, if he is leading you, friends he has a remarkable history of doing some crazy, crazy, amazing things. So what will it be for you? Excuses or the extraordinary?

Douglas Poole: 19:01 So, I thought it would be really good for all of us to hear from somebody today who Jesus gave her an invitation to walk with him into something beautiful, and she could have found a thousand excuses to not walk with him, and go forward. And let me tell you, the reality is none of us would have blamed her if she chose any one of them. We would have said, well that makes sense, we understand that. But there was a life Jesus was calling her to, and she would not settle for less. It is Molly Waits the President and CEO of Springs of Hope, Kenya. So would you welcome Molly? All right, molly, welcome. Okay, we're just going to jump into this conversation. Molly it was more than a decade ago now that you really believe Jesus had come to you, and Jesus was inviting you to walk with him, and that there was something beautiful that you were going to create with him. What was that something beautiful that you saw?

Molly Waits: 20:12 Well, my first experience with experiencing the beautiful was coming to Cypress. The community here, the friends that I've made through here, the groups, my women's group and everything. That was the beginning of the beauty, and then from there was serving, and serving the homeless. And you know [inaudible], and Haiti. Yeah, and you know, the children's home in Tampa.

Douglas Poole: 20:40 Yeah, all those things, Molly was part of.

Molly Waits: 20:43 And that was, you know, beautiful to me in that it made me find my purpose.

Douglas Poole: 20:47 But then you saw something, you heard about something happening in sub-Sahara Africa. What did you hear about, what did you see, and what did you say, when Jesus says let's go create it?

Molly Waits: 20:55 Oh, well through Haiti, and then two short term term trips to Kenya. You know, I had this, it touched me, the children and how they were suffering. And you know, how many orphans there were, and how many street kids there were. And you know, I felt like this is really what I want to do.

Douglas Poole: 21:15 Yeah. Millions of children from the HIV AIDS pandemic had been orphaned and left on the streets being exploited, abused, dying.

Molly Waits: 21:21 Right, so that's how Springs of Hope started, and that was how that beautiful part of my life started.

Douglas Poole: 21:29 Let's go to Kenya and start an orphanage was the invitation right? Now, like I said earlier, there's like two sides of the coin. There's the beauty, and there's the challenges. We're going to talk about the challenges first, and we'll get to the beauty. But at that point when you looked ahead and thought, build an orphanage in Kenya, you probably also saw some obstacles and challenges and potential obstacles, challenges, difficulties. What did you see when it comes to that?

Molly Waits: 21:54 Well, I didn't think I was probably equipped, was I educated enough, did I know all the Bible verses, was I a good enough Christian to do that? You know, how was I going to blend all this, and pay for all these children? And you know, it was a little overwhelming.

Douglas Poole: 22:11 Yeah. But you have a degree in theology, right?

Molly Waits: 22:14 Yeah, a masters, haha no.

Douglas Poole: 22:16 Now you have a degree in humanities, fundraising?

Molly Waits: 22:21 No, I need one, but no.

Douglas Poole: 22:25 I don't have the abilities, and I don't have any experience, I don't have a talent, I just have this beautiful vision. But at the same time, Molly, I mean, I know these challenges and obstacles became a reality. But at the same time, you know, voices speak in our head, we hear the voice of Jesus, say create this something beautiful. Then there's these other voices that always call us to less. And so sometimes it was the voices of other people that speak into our heads, sometimes it's that little voice, that nagging little voice inside of us that says we can't or we shouldn't. What voices did you hear, and what were they saying to you?

Molly Waits: 22:59 Well, I had my parents, they definitely didn't want me to go, you know, every awful thing that could happen was going to happen. And my son, you know, they didn't want my son to go. You know, I mean, you can't blame them, but that was really difficult. And you know what, even friends, long time friends, thought this was ridiculous. And wanted to know, what was I thinking, you know, this is for other people to do, not you, you know.

Douglas Poole: 23:22 But then that voice in your own head, you talked a little bit about it. You know, I don't have the experience, what was the little voice in your own head saying to you?

Molly Waits: 23:32 You know, you're not good enough, you're not smart enough. How are you going to do this? Who do you think you are? You know, things like that. That, that little voice says to all of us.

Douglas Poole: 23:41 What caused you to go ahead anyway, in spite of all the voices?

Molly Waits: 23:47 My faith was, I just felt this is definitely a calling from God, and that he was in this. And how could he not want me to do this for, you know, children that are suffering, I mean the children that he loves. So I, you know, I really had to lean into that, and keep that on my mind constantly.

Douglas Poole: 24:08 Yeah, listen to His voice. Now, Molly, you know there were some challenges and obstacles and difficulties, potential challenge that you saw. And then probably some you didn't see. So did any of those challenges and obstacles like become a reality? Did you have to deal with any of that?

Molly Waits: 24:23 Well, more than I could've ever imagined. Because like I said earlier, I think that if Jesus came to me and he was like, okay, I want you to do this. But I'm going to tell you right now, you're going to go there married, and you're going to end up divorced while you're there, only after like a couple of years. And your son's not going to live with you, you're going to have to put him in boarding school, which that was one of my key things. I would never move there, if I had to put my son in boarding school.

Douglas Poole: 24:48 I remember that.

Molly Waits: 24:49 You're going to have children that you get close to, you're going to see them suffer and die. And you're going to see things that you can't imagine, and it's going to challenge your faith. Because there's things that happen, and you just don't know why. And you know, then with my mom getting sick with cancer, and things. Them passing away, both my mom and my dad just last year. But it was a lot, you know, being broken into.

Douglas Poole: 25:20 If you saw, if knew that was going to be a reality.

Molly Waits: 25:23 Yeah. If I knew that, and that was it, maybe not anything else.

Douglas Poole: 25:27 If you had a crystal ball, and saw that.

Molly Waits: 25:29 Yeah, I would probably say, well this is not for me, that's too much.

Douglas Poole: 25:34 You know, I understand that. And sometimes, you know, I thought it would be nice to have a crystal ball, so I could get the lottery numbers for this next week, so I could see the future. I would tithe, I'd tithe. But then you think, you know, if you saw these things, if you knew your marriage was going to go away, if you knew your son was going to boarding school, if you knew about your mom and your dad, and the unbelievable heartache of watching children die, you see all those challenges and you think, no, no. But you know what, can I tell you something that's interesting when you're following Jesus? Because I know it in my life? So I think I would say the same thing about this church. When you experience the beauty of what is created, it is so overwhelming that then you can look back on these things, and you say, I'd do it again, right? I'd do it again, so this beauty can be created. So sometimes we should be glad God doesn't give us this forward vision to see the challenges that await us. We should be [inaudible that he withholds that from us, right? So we experience the beauty, and we say I'd do it again. That's such an important thing Molly, thank you. Molly, I'm going to shift gears, let's shift gears and talk about beauty, okay? There may be folks here first time, or new in the last year. Not familiar, don't know about Springs of Hope. Give us a quick introduction to Springs of Hope, Kenya. Okay?

Molly Waits: 27:12 And I guess I'll start with this is why I would do it again.

Douglas Poole: 27:14 Okay, beautiful.

Molly Waits: 27:19 Springs of Hope, Kenya is a place where children who wake up one day and they have no parents, they have been abandoned or orphaned, they have a place now they can call home, and people to care for them and love them. It's a safe haven for children who have been abused either sexually or physically, a home where they can be secure, safe, and loved. A place where children who are HIV positive can feel accepted, and not ostracized. Where they can be open and educated about their status, and know that they are okay, and they will be equipped with the knowledge, and know that they can live full and productive lives, all of them. Where boys and girls who are fending for themselves on the streets with no hope of an education, are now in school and completing college in law, and IT, and Professors of Math. It's providing home, this home is addressing emotional issues that these children have. Because when you go there, you think you're just going to be dealing with these children that are innocent, but the things that have happened to them, and the atrocities, leave deep, deep emotional scars.

Douglas Poole: 28:26 The exploitation, and the abuse of these children.

Molly Waits: 28:27 And even just the abandonment, I mean, knowing that you are left and nobody wants you, but your parents are still somewhere. Letting them know they matter, that these children can be whole again. And then we have Bagamoyo, where we train men and women living with HIV to sew, so they could have self worth, and love themselves, and be proud of who they are. Providing them with employment, to support their children. And then Kambi Amani, put in place to create jobs, and help our children.

Douglas Poole: 28:58 Other than that, she's not done much in the last decade. These bags, Molly, that they create. She created a sewing center, employing HIV/AIDS widows so they can supply their families. And profits then when they come, go back into the orphanage with children. Kambi Amani is an ecotourism camp. That folks come in and they stay, and again it gives jobs for the kids who are going through the system, and then also as profits come, go back in to help support the children. Molly's bags will be on sale out in the courtyard after all the Christmas productions next week, I believe, yes. I mean high quality bags, and Christmas gifts that Molly is doing here. Beautiful, beautiful, things that are taking place. So Molly, how about tell us a story of beauty, tells a story of a life of one of the kids, of the hundreds of kids. But tell us one story. Would you?

Molly Waits: 29:59 Okay, I'm going to tell you the story of Anne. Anne is our newest little girl, she's only been with us a few months. I have not even gotten to personally meet Anne yet, I'm very excited too. But I had her story from my social worker, and my people back in Kenya, so this is her story. This is Anne, she was six years old and already tired of life, some days she had no food to eat. Others state she had to care for herself, and doing the best she could to make to school, her only refuge from home. Home was a place where her mother was usually not there, or she was drunk if she were. Already at the age of six Anne was becoming weary of life, and sick and tired. She was weak, and walking was becoming a problem for her. There are a few things to be happy about when you're just too tired and sick to go on. So one day as usual Anne woke up, there was no food for breakfast, and no one to prepare her for school. She was sick, but she wanted to make it to school. Where maybe if she did not fall asleep because of hunger, she'd be lucky enough to learn with the other children. But this day ended different. Usually someone would pick Anne up after school to walk her home in the evening, but this day no one came, she waited and waited. The teachers took her to her home, they searched for the mother, and the neighbors told them that Anne was not getting care, that the mother was not taking care of her properly at all. So then they had to find a place for her to go. They took her to the children's department, the children's department called Springs of Hope, Kenya. Now usually if there's no place for a child to go, they put them in a jail cell, in the jail until they find somebody to take care of the child. So when we received the call, we were told that she was abandoned, and children's department wanted us to take her, and we did not hesitate. When Anne joined Springs of Hope she was so extremely ill, she couldn't walk more than a few steps. She had a severe cough, and was too malnourished and underfed, so that even if she ate an appropriate portion size of food, she would vomit. Springs of Hope, Kenya took her to the hospital immediately for examinations, we found that Anne was HIV positive. Her mother had neglected the responsibility of giving her ARVs, or her medicines for HIV, and did not take her to any of her examinations. Her viral load was so high, it was 66,000, which means the virus was very active in her body. Most of our children at Springs and Hope have zero viral load, so the HIV is not even detectable. So we put her on the ARVs promptly, and she was put on a special diet, and play therapy. Anne has only been with us a few months now, she has really responded well to the new treatment. Her small body has recuperated well, and her health has improved drastically. She has adjusted well. She's playing and smiling and interacting with the other children. She is improving day by day, slowly, learning social skills and to trust her caregivers and the other children. We are so grateful to be part of her transformation, and to give her the chance of fulfilling life that all children deserve. You know, I truly hate to think what would happen to Anne, if it weren't for our Springs of Hope, Kenya and the people that support us. Because truly I do not think that she would survive.

Douglas Poole: 33:40 No, no, we know the story of what happens to these children, most will die. She's HIV positive through no
fault of her own. Because they don't get the medication, and those who don't are horribly, unthinkably, exploited and abused, and then grow up to the cyclical life. And so just going to say this, and then we do the next question. You know, Anne has a hope and a future, and I think she's going to be one of these stories that she's in law school one day, or she's an engineer, or whatever it is that God has for her, that she has this hope and future. But I mean God sees a little child, abandoned at a school, he knows what happens to these kids. His heart is moved, he orchestrates things, that what in the world is this little baby doing in a jail? And so he says, oh, there's Molly, there's Springs of Hope right by, close. And sends her to Molly, and the beauty that is created out of this is breathtaking. Molly, how can people get involved? How can folks who are hearing this and saying how can I help? How can I get involved?

Molly Waits: 35:02 The easiest way is financial support, I mean easier, you know. Here's how you can do that right here, you can just go to our website, and you can do that any way. You can support one time, monthly, you can do $5, you can do $20,000, whatever we need every ounce of help we can get. I mean there's some months we go, and I don't even know how we're going to make it to the next month. And then with everything next year, I have $25,000 I have to raise by the end of this year, for my kids to go to school next year. So those are the things that, where faith comes in, and you just know God needs to work through people like you. Because we depend on it, or the children depend on it, so not me. And you can sponsor a child, you can volunteer, you can think of fundraising ideas, there's many people that have done that. I mean, Jackie with the golf tournament, I mean she did that because she cares about these kids. She's been there, she knows them personally, and that drove her to do that with Sarah. I've had a teacher that comes and visits me, and she does her own fundraisers every time before she's going to go she does a go fund me. Right now she's trying to raise $3,000 for my kids to have uniforms for school. I mean, you can take things on yourself and do them.

Douglas Poole: 36:23 Tell them about the Zumba thing.

Molly Waits: 36:24 Oh yeah. Tiffany did Zumba, she did as Zumba party. And Tiffany, that goes to church here, and everybody donated. And she, you know, we did a video with the kids in Kenya, and they danced together and it was really cool. And you know like Paula gave the backpacks. And there's all different ways you can help, and if we all come together we can make a huge impact on these kids that have absolutely no one.

Douglas Poole: 36:53 Pray, do more than pray, step in one way or another to get involved with this to make a difference. And my Jackie is leading I think two teams next year, I'm not sure if they're full yet, but to go visit Springs of Hope, Kenya and to serve. And some of you have gone with her to experience it for yourself. Alright Molly, we're going to wrap this up. Here's how I want to wrap it up. You sensed Jesus saying, walk with me, we're going to create something beautiful, it was an orphanage in Kenya. And it's so much more even than what you realize it is. What would you say to anybody here, it may not be that God is calling you to sell everything, and move to Kenya? But maybe God is calling you to do something. To make a difference with your life in one way, inviting you to a better future with something. And they can see the opportunity and it's so wonderful, but they also see these obstacles and those challenges. And so it's like, you know do I? They have a moment. What would you say to these folks about whatever moment God has given them, encourage them to step through, would you?

Molly Waits: 38:03 Many times there's things that you want to see change, or that bother you, and you're wondering why isn't anybody doing anything about this? Like I was when I first came to church, and I was like well, why isn't this happening, or why isn't that happening, and why aren't we doing this? Then Jackie says, well do something. You know, so that's where it started for me, so maybe that's where it will start for you. It doesn't have...even if it's not Kenya. It's like you know Tom and Selina with Haiti, or the everybody that goes to the street ministry, that touched them, so they're doing. But if you want to serve God, ask him to use you. And it can be any way big or small, it can be donating, it can be you know, serving. But you can do it, and God will stand with you. I mean, look in the mirror, that's the change. You're the one that will make the change, it's you, it's not someone else. It's us working together, but God will stand with you, and he will be there for you. He's been there for me through thick and thin. Whether you know, sometimes you get lost in it all, and you think where is he? He's there. But you know, you guys can do whatever you want, you can be the change that you know you want to see in the world.

Douglas Poole: 39:20 Amen! Jesus can do some crazy, crazy, amazing things. Where is he inviting you to walk with him, and you can see some of the beauty, but you can also see some of the obstacles and challenges. He can be trusted, walk with him. What's it going to be for you? A life of excuses, or life of the extraordinary.

Douglas Poole: 39:50 Alright, let's stand. We're going to pray for Molly, and we'll pray for Anne. Can we put Anne's picture up there so we can see her? And that's a great picture by the way. There she is, oh man, what a cutie. Alright our Father in Heaven, we stand here, and we need to understand were standing in a moment. We understand that moments are not static in time, that you provide these opportunities, and you say, walk with me. So Lord, wherever any of us are hearing your voice say, walk with me, I pray, Lord, we would have the courage and the faith and the belief in our Jesus, and we would take that step and go forward into the uncertainty of the beauty that awaits us. Father, thank you for folks like Molly, that when you said, walk with me, she said yes. And now we see all this beauty, and all this joy, because somebody refused to listen to the voices in her head, and the voices speaking into her ears. Lord, may we have the same sort of courage and faith. And now Lord, for little Anne, thank you God for seeing her outside that school. Thank you for placing her in a spot where she's got a hope and a future, for both now, and all eternity. Raise her up to be a little world changer, raise her up to be a woman of faith, my your purposes and intentions for her life all be fulfilled. And everybody agreed, and said, Amen. Molly's going to be right up here in the front if you want to meet her.

Recorded in Clearwater, Florida.
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